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Living Life To The Maximum Extreme

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Hi everyone, welcome to my new site!

It’s really great that you’re here and I’m super excited to embark on this new chapter in my life with all of you.

While you might notice there are already a few blog posts here, they’re actually ported over from my previous site at

This is my first post on this shiny new site and for most of you this will be your first time meeting me so I might as well throw up a quick introduction.

I’m from the UK, born and raised in the ‘Shire (Yorkshire that is), before moving to the bright city lights of London to study medicine.

Being a young doctor in the UK was all well and good but I felt a calling to see the world, I needed adventure, I needed to experience more of what life has to offer and of course like all Brits, I yearned for more sun in my life!

I landed on the sunny shores of Singapore in 2010 and in the same way that the UK is a great place to explore Europe through, Singapore served as a great base for me to explore Asia.

I found myself being the cool new guy in town, invited to parties every week, VIP events and what was meant to be essentially a long working holiday turned into a life changing event when I met my amazing wife, Juliana Stryker of

A lot has changed since then, we started our own healthcare company together (, our own fitness company ( and now I’m starting this blog!

I’ll be documenting everything I’ve learned as an international man of mystery to make sure you’re gonna be that cool new guy in town!

Think style, watches, grooming, travel, leisure and everything else in between!

I’m gonna help you bring your alpha-game to the next level, to get the girl and ride off into the sunset!

Excited? I know I am!

Take care & see you all in my next post when we’ll really get this show started!

Dr. Bobby Stryker

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