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Man Vs Metal – The Never Ending Shaving Saga…

Which is better, electric or wet shaving?

wet vs electric shave belif faceshop

I don’t think there are many men out there who enjoy the process of shaving, it’s a necessary evil and like it or not, people do make assumptions about you based on your appearance, especially in my profession.

If your doctor was clean shaven, well-groomed, and smartly dressed, chances are you’ll have a much better impression than if they were disheveled, scruffy and looked like they hadn’t showered in weeks.

I’ve been using an electric shaver for roughly 20 years until my trusty Braun packed up and died on me at the start of the year.

The timing was quite apt as I’d just received a wet shave gift set over Christmas with some skin care products.

wet vs electric shave bodyshop singapore

faceshop belif Manology Smart Recharger

Keep in mind that I hadn’t used a safety razor to wet shave for quite some time, but I figured it would be like riding a bike, something you never forget!

wet vs electric shave

Seems like I was wrong!

My first wet shave in two decades left me looking like I’d been attacked by either Edward Scissorhands or Freddy Krueger! My wife yelped out at the sight of so much blood!

There were cuts, nicks and tears all over the place and slowly I remembered why I’d stopped wet shaving in the first place.

I tried recalling what my dad had taught me when I first started shaving aged 16 and I’m sure he would have found this whole debacle quite amusing.

wet vs electric shave singapore

A few months in and yes, the cuts and nicks are much less now, not because I’ve gotten better at shaving but more because the skin on my neck is has become more even.

Small shave bumps and ingrown hairs appear to have gone but my hair seems to have also become more coarse and thicker, which I’m not sure is a positive.

The shave itself does not feel as close as my electric shave did, likely because I’m shaving with the grain of hair growth as barbers tend to recommend.

Despite this, my skin feels way more uncomfortable after a wet shave, it’s sore and exceptionally dry like I’ve stripped away a vital layer of hydration.

faceshop belif Manology Singapore

faceshop belif Manology Singapore

Applying a generous dose of this lavender infused belif Manology 101 Smart Recharger from The Face Shop definitely helps to make my skin feel more nourished and comfortable after my shave.

faceshop belif gentleman wet electric shave

So what's the bottom line? Should you wet shave or electric shave?

Pros of Wet Shaving:

  • The wet shaver looks cool on your bathroom countertop

  • Feels like you’re going back to basics and gives you time for reflection

  • Skin is more even with less bumps

Cons of Wet Shaving:

  • The shave is not as close (if you shave with the grain)

  • Not advisable if you’re in a rush

  • Cuts and nicks are a nightmare

  • Skin feels very uncomfortable and tight afterwards

  • Hair seems thicker and coarser (which your partner might not appreciate)

faceshop belif gentlemen style wet electric shave

While there is definitely something nostalgic and calming about having a traditional wet shave, my current life doesn’t afford me the time or luxury to enjoy such things.

It’s always go go go and with that in mind, I will probably look to picking up a new electric shaver. At some point..

What are your thoughts? Do you prefer a wet or electric shave? Let me know and see you in the next post.

Dr. Bobby Stryker

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